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Get a chance to win a Nikon Z 50 + 16-50mm kit for our Grand Prize! You can also win a Lowepro camera bag and Bluetooth speakers for our weekly winners!

How to

1. LIKE and FOLLOW Photo-Op's Facebook page and share the weekly theme you joined.

2. The contest will run for four (4) weeks and each theme shall be announced weekly. The first theme shall be announced on May 14, 2021.

3. Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, your photos shall coincide with our theme and should reflect life during the crisis, because we believe that the hardest of times bring out the best and creativity among us.

4. Post your entries on the weekly theme post. A MAXIMUM of 2 entries per person only shall be allowed so be sure to choose your best photos for the given theme!

5. Use the hashtag #ShareYourStory for your entry. Please put a short description too of your entry -- location, time, and other important details that will help tell your story.

6. Minor editing is allowed, but limited to global adjustments (exposure, brightness and contrast, and white balance) and cropping. Altering the photo, multiple exposures, and other in-camera effects are not allowed.

7. Criteria for judging shall be comprised of:
- Relevance to the theme: 25%
- Visual Impact and Photographic Quality: 25%
- Photo Composition: 50%

8. Photo-Op may have the need to ask for the EXIF file when necessary to verify your entry.

9. Photo-Op reserves the right to utilize all photos submitted as entries for online and offline materials. Due credit shall be given to the photographer.

10. This contest is open to all brands of cameras so be sure to tell your family and friends to join!



"This photo shows a firefighter mourning for his comrade who has succumbed to sickness. Given the pandemic we are in, he was not able to pay his respects and attend his funeral. So instead he and his fellow firefighters organized a tribute for him by a firetruck parade."


"This photo was taken at night portraying situations of some students working with their modules. As you can see he is struggling but trying his best to make it and to finish the task given in every module. Doing this is a sign of their diligence to achieve their dreams in life."


"People from all walks of life were somehow trapped in a bubble-like this insect when we were placed under lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am encouraged to rise above the challenges of the pandemic like the insect when the rain stopped and became free from the bubble. It also helped me to appreciate the gift of life, and become aware of the little joys and blessings that surround me."


"No one is exempted by the wrath brought about by the pandemic. The quest for its cure became everyone's goal, until a dose of it was found, brings forth hope for life to go on. This image manifests a vision of chances. That in life we should not lose that courage to combat against this unseen enemy and fulfill that mission of defeating it on bended knee."


"No pandemic can stop this father from bonding with his son outside on the street. You just have to wear a mask and keep away from people as much as possible."


"When the first wave of pandemic hit the Philippines, movements are limited. Because of the lockdown brought by the virus, we are not able to see or hug our loved ones. But not on this loving couple kissing while exposing their backs to morning sunlight."

"Lockdown felt us that we are not alone. There is still a person who is not leaving on our side even in the hardest scenario of our lives. Pandemic taught us to love, support, and appreciate those people who always care about us at all times."


"Teddy bears help children handle emotions and limit stress."

"In this ongoing quarantine, kids cannot go out and play with their friends which affects their social development and mental health. A kid's teddy evokes a sense of peace, security, and comfort for them to somehow help them overcome the feeling of loneliness."

"Still, a family's love and affection is the most important thing to make the children emotionally happier and less anxious especially during this pandemic."


"Instead of staring at their gadgets the whole day, my children make their lockdown-vacation productively. Through art and music, they entertain themselves as well as develop their skills. All children should learn from this, don’t let or small houses be a prison of boredom. Stay at home and save lives, be productive and develop more talent."
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